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Fly Fishing in a “State” of Ecstasy: Chip O’Brien Talks about Opportunities in Northern California and Southern Oregon – Thursday, July 26th at 7pm

In October of 1941, someone came up with the idea of uniting Southern Oregon and Northern California into the new state of “Jefferson”. As these rural areas felt underrepresented by their respective state governments, the idea caught on.

On November 27th, a group of young men with hunting rifles stopped traffic on Highway 99, proclaiming a “patriotic rebellion”. On December 2nd, Yreka was named the provisional state capitol and a local D.A. was named provisional governor.

On December 7th, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, and everyone forgot about the State of Jefferson and focused on going to war.

We at the Long Beach Casting Club, looking back on this time with the benefit of our historical perspective, can clearly see the problem: if these guys had time to even think about politics, they weren’t fly fishing enough. They lived in a trout paradise.

Chip O’Brien, our July speaker, has no such perspective problem. Chip has fished the rivers of the fair would-be state of Jefferson for years. He’ll be talking about the many opportunities to “secede” from the hustle and bustle of daily life and catch some fish in that region.

Here’s a little background on Chip:

“If you asked Chip O’Brien whether he preferred fly fishing or writing about it, it could go either way. As a kid he fanaticized [sic] about learning the ways of the long rod, and his love for writing managed to keep pace.

“O’Brien acquired a BS in Journalism (how appropriate), an MFA in Creative Writing and fourteen seasons as a fly fishing guide, so the stage was set. When it dawned on him that he could teach writing and have summers off to fish, he made the obvious choice. After ten years discovering Oregon’s best fishing (and writing about it), O’Brien moved to Spokane, Washington within easy striking distance of the Idaho Panhandle and Montana. He has authored hundreds of articles over the years in a wide variety of publications. You’re most likely to see his work in California Fly Fisher, Northwest Fly Fishing and Fly Fisherman magazines.

And a little something on his presentation:

“This presentation encompasses some of my favorite wild trout fisheries in Northern California and Oregon, arguably some of the best fishing on the West Coast.

“Some of the California destinations included are the ‘biggies’ like Hat Creek, Fall River, the Pit, McCloud and the upper and lower Sac. But my fancies are not always that conventional. Sometimes I prefer to float tube the moving water of Keswick Reservoir, or fish the Capering Sedge hatch on Manzanita Lake.

“In Oregon I can’t resist the adrenalin-pumping, white-knuckle fishing on the Keno stretch of the Klamath, the fabled McKenzie River or even throwing flies I cannot see to torpedo-shaped browns on the remote lower Owyhee.

“Included will be all you need to know to visit these terrific wild-trout Meccas and catch fish, but also a healthy dose of history, quirky facts, anecdotes and possibly a few bold-faced lies.”

Join us at the Clubhouse on Thursday, July 26 at 7pm.



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