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Monthly Meeting: Landing the Big Ones with Peter Koga – Thursday, May 25th at 7pm

Peter was born on Maui. As it’s surrounded by water, learning to fish was a given. His dad started him fishing at the age of four with a cane pole along the rocky shorelines of Maui. After moving to California, he became intrigued by episodes of The American Sportsman that featured Lee Wulff fly fishing. But the episode that showed Bing Crosby and Phil Harris, fly fishing in Jackson Hole with a young kid named Jack Dennis, changed his fishing life forever.

While attending UCLA he bought his first fly rod outfit, and over the next several years learned to cast and fly fish with the help of the Long Beach Casting Club. He fished primarily for trout across the Western United States for the next 20 years, until he was introduced to chasing steelhead on a fly. That pursuit led him to Northern California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, then on to the legendary waters of British Columbia. On a trip to the Sustut River he landed a trophy steelhead just over 30 pounds in the last 30 minutes of the trip!

Dan Iwata took Peter on an albacore trip 15 years ago, and that began another phase. On subsequent off-shore trips, with conventional gear, Peter learned the necessary techniques to subdue larger critters more efficiently. To land a 106 pound grouper, as well as an 80 pound bluefin tuna on light line, required proper technique.

Since then, he has used those techniques and principles to fight larger fish on a fly rod. He has taken fly rods on many long range trips since and has landed yellowfin tuna, Dorado and yellowtail. He has fished for Mako sharks with Conway Bowman for several years, and the fighting techniques definitely came into play.

Peter will provide tips on how to prepare for, and improve your chance of landing, big fish. Whether it’s a big trout on the Lower Owens, GTs at Christmas Island, a monster at Jurassic Lake or the yellowtail and tuna that were within range of private boaters last year, you’ll learn things you need to consider and do to increase your success.

Key topics include clothing/paraphernalia, hooks, knots and connections, hook setting, reels and drag settingand forsaking traditional techniques so that you can keep maximum pressure on the fish while minimizing pressure on the angler. Come join us at the monthly meeting, Thursday, May 25th at 7:00 pm.

See you there!


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