This Month’s Speaker

Monthly Meeting: One Hour to Learn You Up on Photography with Michael Miller – Thursday, March 30th, 7pm

We spend a boatload on a really good camera and then put it on “automatic”. Next we lose the owner’s manual. Then we fret that our images don’t look any better than the ones we take with our phones. Maybe it’s time to buckle down and really think about what we need to learn to improve our photography. And, no we’re not talking about photo “Tips”.

Enter Michael Miller…Michael has spent 30 years in the world of commercial and advertising photography. He has spent another 12 years as a professor of photography at California State University, Northridge. Michael’s program is:

“I am planning on teaching you some basics. I am referring to how a camera works and how it controls the light that you let into it. I want to get your camera off automatic and back in your control. Finally, I want to help you design the image to make it more interesting.

“Then I will start asking you questions. Why are you taking photographs in the first place? Who is going to look at them and what do you think they want to see? You already know how to take pictures of naked fish. What about the rest of the fishing trip?

“All this and more I guarantee it. I only have an hour so listen up.”

So if you want to get a lot more out of your camera then please join us at the March Monthly Meeting on Thursday, March 30th at 7:00 pm.

See you there!


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