This Month’s Speaker

Coastal Conservation Association of California (CCA CAL) by Wayne Kotow – Thursday, June 29th at 7pm

Wayne Kotow is the Executive Director for Coastal Conservation Association of California (CCA CAL).

Below is Wayne’s background:
– Fished most of his life and lucky enough to fish all around the world.
– Worked in the fishing industry at a local tackle wholesaler and on a sportboat.
– Owned 2 boats of his own and have a lot of time on the water.
– Been part of the Make-a-Wish Tuna Challenge for the last 15 years.
– Belonged to a few of the So Cal fishing clubs and have worked most of the fishing shows.
– Has relationships with most tackle manufacturers, landings, sportboats, tackle stores and now fishing clubs.

CCA CAL is a grassroots organization that is working to expand memberships and build chapters in order to protect your right to fish and continue to have access to our fisheries. Wayne will be providing an overview of CCA CAL, what CCA CAL is all about, the issues they are watching, and how one can get involved. He is very passionate about our fishing industry and working to pass along this to our club.

Come join us at the monthly meeting, Thursday, June 29th at 7:00 pm.

See you there!


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