This Month’s Speaker

Glenn Ueda Tells Us How to Bust the “Ghost of the Coast” – Thursday, May 31st at 7pm

Corbina make tiny ripples in very shallow surf. If you’re lucky enough to see one, you’ve probably already spooked it. If you haven’t, your fly probably will. But, if it doesn’t, and the corbina takes your fly, you’ll be treated to a battle with a trout-sized fish that fights like a marlin. Catching this “ghost of the coast” is an art, and one of its most well-known practitioners is our May speaker: Glenn Ueda. Glenn will talk to us about strategies for catching corbina, or “beans”, as they are affectionately nicknamed by the wild-eyed, obsessed anglers who fish for them. Glenn is legendary in the little world of corbina on the fly.

A little autobiographical background from Glenn:

“I now enjoy sharing my passion for fly fishing by conducting store and club seminars throughout Southern California. A budding writer, I had my first article ‘Ghost of the Coast’ recently published in California Fly Fisher. With numerous inquiries and always seeking new challenges, I launched ‘So Cal Flats Fishing Guide Service’ in the spring of 2017. A resounding success, I learned as much about myself as my clients did about corbina. My mission is to have those that I guide learn not only the finer points of pursuing corbina but to also raise their awareness of access to public waters, many of which are walking distance from our home in Huntington Beach. My wife Mona along with our two dogs Kai and Mac have lived in ‘HB’ since 2015.”

And a little something about his talk: “Glenn holds multiple IGFA world records. He will be talking about sight-fishing for the coveted California Corbina in our local Southern California surf. Learn the basics including seasonal patterns, food sources, tidal cycles, structure recognition and approach, balanced rods reels and tackle, proper leader construction, and effective fly patterns. If you are already an avid bonefish or carp fisherman, or simply looking to try the wonderful world of surf fly fishing, this is for you!”

Join us at the Clubhouse on Thursday, May 31 at 7pm.

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