This Month’s Speaker

“If You Seek for El Dorado” – Joe Libeu – Thursday, September 27, 2018 at 7pm

Experience in fly fishing leads the dedicated fisher to search for more experiences and then create bucket lists. Adventures which, when first heard about, become excursions which we must do before we’re unable to.

Golden dorado is one of those fish that should be on many fishers’ bucket lists. Searching for the super-fast super-lacerator of rivers, the golden dorado, leads the fisher to the freshwater rivers and tributaries of Argentina.

Join our own Joe Libeu on Thursday evening, September 27, at the clubhouse, and learn what the pursuit of the golden dorado entails. Joe is a guide for a brand new operation which features a mothership on Rio Parana in Northern Argentina. There the golden dorados are aggressive, fast and acrobatic fish and super-fun to play with.

The mothership has everything you need after a hard day of fishing and you will go to bed every night with a big smile on your face. Join us for a fun exciting evening learning about Joe Libeu’s Golden Dorado Adventure. It could lead to a new item on your bucket list.

Joe began fly-fishing in 1973 and because of his love of the sport became involved in guiding, teaching, instructing and consulting within the industry. He is currently a FFI Master fly casting instructor and a emeritus member of the FFI Certified Casting Instructor Board of Governors. Joe has taught at CSULB (“Mastering the Art of Fly Fishing”) and at El Camino College. Joe has worked with Ronnie Kovacks Fishing Expeditions on the filming of three TV shows and is often on Ronnie’s Saturday morning radio show. In addition he recently has been on a Zorcor ad.

Joe owns Sierra Pacific Fishing Adventures where he leads excursions with clients throughout the US and other countries. Joe is a past president of the Long Beach Casting Club where he stays active in teaching and instructing in fly fishing and casting.

Join us at the Clubhouse on Thursday, September 27 at 7pm.


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