The Long Beach Casting Club offers several classes throughout the year to the public. Soon you will be able to check out the links below to find out more detailed information on each of the available classes:

Beginning Fly Casting Class

This class is our most popular! The class is led by FFF Certified Master Casting Instructors with individual one-on-one instruction from FFF Certified Casting Instructors. This class covers the basics of equipment and casting technique so your first fly fishing outing will be fun and enjoyable! Class starts out with basic equipment coverage, then gets you on the pond casting. Several techniques will be covered include the pickup and laydown, false cast, roll casts and an introduction to line mends. The class begins March 13, 2018  and runs for a total of 5 weeks of instruction.   You do NOT have to be a club member to take advantage of this fabulous training. Pre-registration is not needed, just show up at the clubhouse!

Intermediate Fly Casting Class

This class will emphasize improving an individual’s basic casting ability and in particular look at methods of self-correction. The class will also look at increasing distance through adding line speed to the cast and an introduction to the double haul. Finally, the class will look at simply and practical ways to mend lines and fight fish. Must be a club member to attend.  The class begins October 2, 2018  and runs for a total of 3 weeks of instruction. 

Beginning Spey Casting Class

The Beginning Spey Casting class is being offered to everyone wishing to either develop or enhance their spey casting skills.  The Beginner’s Spey Casting seminars will be held at the club pond.  These sessions are cost free and open to both club members and the public wanting to learn more about this form of casting.  The sessions are on: September 15, 2018 and September 22,2018 from 9AM to Noon.

Rod Building Class

Learn the steps needed to build your own fly rod. This class covers the basics of component selection and techniques needed to make your own rod. While instruction focuses on fly rods, the techniques covered are applicable to regular fresh and saltwater rods too. In addition to instruction, class participants have access to specialized building tools to help build that special heirloom rod.    No tools are needed for the Orientation class.  Small fee for the Rod Building Manual.  Class is free and open to all.  This class begins May 15, 2018 and runs for a total of 5 weeks of instruction (ends on June 19, 2018).

Beginning Fly Tying Class

This class covers the techniques to tie your own flies from the ground up. The class starts with thread control and whip finishing, proceeding on more advanced techniques like parachute wings and wing casings. In addition to the tying techniques, material selection and other tying information is covered as introduced throughout the course of the class. The way this class is taught, by the end of the class you will be able to examine a new fly, figure out the materials and techniques required to make it, and make your own. Additionally, techniques are introduced slowly and in such a way that they build on each other so you will feel confident in the more advanced techniques introduced at the end of the class. Also, a new fly is introduced each week with the technique, so by the end of the class you will have an assortment of flies in your box to take out on the water with you! This class starts October 30, 2018 and runs for a total of 17 weeks of instruction.   Class is free and open to all.

On the River Clinic

This clinic will be offered with the on the water portion (Sat/Sun November 10-11, 2018). The On the River Clinic provides instruction on skills needed to become a successful fly fisher. The program involves three weeks of class room instruction (Thursdays, October 11, 18, and November 8, 2018 at 7pm) about rod, reels, line, tippet and other equipment, basic entomology, fly selection, stream side strategy, techniques for fishing methods including dry fly, nymphing, streamer fishing for trout, knot tying, stalking and spotting fish etc. Taught by past president, FFF Master Casting Instructor and member of the FFF board of governors Joe Libeu, the program concludes with a weekend on the river fishing under the careful coaching and supervision of a hand picked cadre of expert fishermen/instructors from LBCC. If you want to learn what fly fishing is all about, this is the class for you. In order to qualify for this class which is limited to 20 students, you must be a LBCC member and have mastered basic fly casting skills.

Fly Accuracy Casting Improvement Class

The Long Beach Casting Club is pleased to offer training class for accuracy fly casting improvement.  The class will be held on Sunday, March 18, 2018 and April 29, 2018.  Instruction will be from 10:00 am to 11:00 am at the LBCC Pond.

Participants will learn to improve fly casting accuracy from the experienced LBCC casters using many tools available to diagnose casting problems.


  • Catching more fish with accurate casts
  • Reduced tangled tippets with better a casting stroke
  • Reduced number of trees and bushes caught, instead of fish

Instruction will be provided by the experienced LBCC casters.

To confirm your attendance, email Colin Kumabe at

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