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No Monthly Meeting in April.

May Monthly Meeting – May 26, 2016

Fly Fishing Trophy Eastern Sierra Stillwater with Ernie Gulley

Stillwaters can be very tough and intimidating to fish with a fly rod; it is much harder to read stillwater than a moving stream or river. This sometimes keeps anglers  from enjoying the pleasures of this type of fishing and the opportunities for catching monster trout that exist in this environment. He will break down every aspect of stillwater fly fishing to us so that we can feel confident in fishing stillwaters whenever we encounter them. Ernie will break down how to read stillwater and how to figure out what is hiding underneath the vast amount of water when we look out onto a lake.

He will also show us how to prepare for trips with the different styles of rods, lines, leaders, flies and water craft that can be used to enjoy a stillwater outing. Ernie will discuss fish migrations around a lake and where they can most likely be found in each of the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. He will go over all the bugs that can be encountered throughout the four seasons and which bugs will be the most sought by trout. Most trout are very large in a stillwater environment for good reason, they have an enormous amount of food to choose from.

So join us on May 26th at 7:00 pm where Ernie Gulley will unlock some of the mysteries we can encounter while fishing in a stillwater and help us catch a monster trout!  Details

Nooner Lunch: Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Come and join us for our monthly Nooner gathering.  Lunch will be served @ Noon.

Again you can bring a desert of your choice.  See you all there.

Club Casts: Tuesday’s at 7pm

You know you need to practice your casts and our Tuesday night casts are just the ticket. We have targets to aim at and lots of experienced casters happy to improve your technique. Don’t wait until your next trip and be sorry. Our Tuesday night casts continue thru August 25th.  Casts switch to Sunday starting August 30th, 9am.  The first cast will be the Captain’s Handicap.  New this year we will be share a Sunday cast with the Pasadena Casting Club at their pond on September 27th.

Fly Tying Forum: Wednesday’s at 7pm

Our weekly fly tying forum provides members with a chance to learn new techniques and flies or to just show up and tie what they like/need. Contact David Boyer for details.

LBCC Library List Now Available

The list of books and DVD’s available for check-out from the club library is now viewable online. We’ve had a large number of recent additions so download the list and make your selections. A searchable LBCC Library Catalog is now available for download.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME! You do not have to be a member to participate in most of our activities, including our monthly Club Trips.

Check out our newsletter for more information on our plethora of upcoming events!

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